Fun Book or Hittebok

This turned out to be one of those fun projects that developed into a fun childrens toy.  If the kids can't read, they are entertained by looking for small items in the bag.  If your children can read they know what to look for!  This toy is useful for car trips, plane rides and instant distractions when needed.  The story, including the items to search for, is securely attached so it can't be lost.

This was a project that arose from cleaning up old toys.  I discovered we had many many Barbie accessories; from little pink barbells to shoes and brushes.  I also have two very creative daughters who could write childrens' stories that other children would like.

Shortly after that I looked through my fabric stash and realized that these three areas could blend together nicley.  We have the opportunity to recycle and create something new for young kids to play with and keep them busy.