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Cookies, Candy and Bread Recipes

Providing some tasty Scandinavian recipes for candy and other delights, as well as flatbread and cookies. Swedish flatbread is one of our most popular swedish recipes. Check out our recipe section for more Scandinavian cooking ideas.

Christmas Cookies Recipe

christmas cookies

A little Scandinavian

This is the season to think about Christmas and try to come up with a new idea for the season.  Actually the ideas are the easy part.  Making the items and finding time for it is the hard part.  I am signed up for this years Spirit of Christmas. 

The vanilla caramels have a new look to them and I am testing new recipes in Popcorn.  Really . . . I have tons of popcorn . . this should have been obvious before.  More hard candy this year since I sold out last year.  What else is new?. . . oh, learned a lot of good things about chocolate!  The results turned out fabulous!!

Making Candy


2011 Production Statistics: 26 kg of sugar, 11 litres of corn syrup, 6 kg of chocolate

2007 production statistics;  I used:
20 kg of sugar
6 litres of apple sauce
8 litres of corn syrup
4 kg of chocolate
600 grams of almonds
all the crab apples off my apple tree.

I am the Scandinavian part of Scan-Taly. My friend Angela came up with the name after we had prepared for the 2004 Spirit of Christmas - Festival of Trees in Camrose. We really didn't sell much but it was a fun adventure. Our idea was that I cook Scandinavian Food and she cook Italian Food. I diverted a bit when I tried chocolate tempering (tricky), hard candy and caramels. 

My goal some day is to perfect Polkagris, a Swedish candy stick. In the mean time, my specialty is Swedish Flatbread, Tunnbröd. I have perfected my own recipe for soft flatbread. This is one of the most popular recipes in Scandinavian cooking.

I practiced with rolled sugar cookies and royal icing. I made several different recipes of sugar cookies recipe to find the one I liked best. The results of this mini survey are listed under the Recipes tab. 

Robert made Tomatsill (pickled herring in dill tomato sauce) for us this year. It is wonderful tasting stuff! "Inlagd Sill" is very traditional in Sweden at Christmas time. Making inlagd sill with tomato sauce is a bit of a twist, but it tastes fantastic and has the right colours for the Christmas Holidays! Tomatsill is a popular Swedish recipe in Sweden so we "imported" it North America.


Sugar Cookie

My favorite product for this year was created after I cleaned up old toys and started thinking about recycling. I call them Hittebok (Fun Book). They combine my love of sewing and computers together. They are short original stories using words that are connected to objects within the plastic beads for the children to find. I have recycled many stray Barbie shoes this way.

Stay tuned for more Swedish Recipes - drinks - food and candy!