A little Scandinavian, A little Italian

Hello, I am the Scandinavian part of Scan-Taly. Angela came up with the name after we had made some food and crafts for last years Spirit of Christmas in Camrose. We really didn’t sell too much but it was fun. Our idea was that I cook Scandinavian Food and she cooks Italian Food. I diverted a bit when I tried chocolate tempering (tricky) and hard candy.

My goal some day is to perfect Polkagris, a Swedish candy stick. In the mean time, my specialty is Swedish Flatbread, Tunnbröd. I have perfected my own recipe for soft flatbread. (I still borrow other people’s recipe for he hard crispy stuff.)

This year I practiced with rolled sugar cookies and royal icing. I made several different batches of sugar cookies recipe to find the one I liked best for icing. Later I will post the best recipe for flavor and the best for icing.

Robert made Tomatsill (pickled herring in tomato sauce) for us this year. It is wonderful tasting stuff!

My favorite product for this year was created after I cleaned up old toys and recycled. I call them Hittebok (Fun Book). Strangely, they combine my love of quilting, computers and creating all together. They are short original stories using words that are connected to objects within the plastic beads for the children to find. I have recycled many single Barbie shoes this way.

Tips for making candy

Tip #1 - Boil water to test your candy thermometer. If the water test reads 212 Fahrenheit or 100 Celsius, then it is correct. If it is off in any way, adjust the recipe up or down accordingly for better results.

Tip #2 - The basic idea in making hard candy, is to change the composition of the sugar crystal from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid (only better). There are two basic ways to make this happen and I will give you both recipes for testing. I believe that using water and allowing the natural process of evaporation to cook out the water obtain the best results. This gives smoother crystals in the end.

Tip #3 - Hard candy will not last forever. If you are wondering if the candy is still good then take a good look at it. If you can see crystals, it is old. If you eat it and it feels like there are crystals, it is old. Hard candy should be smooth and break cleanly. If it is at all soft, it is old or had not been made properly.

Tip #4 - Sources of candy flavors and accessories. One source is ie. TWISTING WAX PAPER - (100 sheets) 4 1/2" x 5 1/2", package of 100 opaque sheets. I cut my caramels into small rectangles and then cut these paper sheets in half. It is surprising how fast you go through a hundred.

A second favorite source of materials is I prefer to order from Sweet Celebrations is possible simply due to shipping choices. Be prepared to pay 2 time the cost of what you ordered, due to shipping and handling, customs, and money exchange.

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